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Are you getting the most out of La’Bakehouse Exquisite Breads?

At La’ Bakehouse Exquisite, we make it part of our practice to ensure that all our customers are educated on how best to use and conserve our Gluten Free Bread products. Please note that none of our products have preservatives or artificial additives.


What is the best way to store our Artisan Breads?

This is completely dependant on you. If you are a large consumer of bread, it is recommended that you store our products in a bread bin or cool cupboard in its original packaging (temperature flux will effect product). If wrapped well at all times it will remain soft and fresh for the recommended time and date.

However, if you consume bread in smaller amounts you can either slice the entire loaf into the thickness you prefer, take it out of its original packaging and wrap firmly in plastic wrap. Place it in the freezer and then take out only when needed. This way whole products don’t have to be affected if only a portion is needed.


How long will the bread last for if it is stored in the freezer?

Our products will generally last for a period of 3 months, however for optimum taste and texture it is recommended they be frozen for no longer than 4-6 weeks. Removing the original packaging and wrapping the bread tightly in plastic wrap is the best way to freeze. Ensure you record the date when freezing out of original packaging. When the 3 months have elapsed the bread should be disposed of.




How best to rejuvenate our breads from fridge and freezer?

For fridge kept bread simply rejuvenate in the toaster.
For freezer kept bread firstly allow to thaw and bake in moderate pre heated ovn at 140°C for 10-15 minutes.
We do not recommend the use of a microwave as it makes the bread chewy.


What is the most appropriate knife to use when slicing our loaves?

An electric or sharp serrated knife with rounded teeth is highly recommended as it has a better grip on the bread’s crust, and you will find it much easier to slice accordingly.


Avoiding Cross-Contaminaton:

Wash hands and wipe down any surface before preparing meal.

Use clean knives or any other kitchen utensil, tools or machinery.

For further information please head to the Coeliac Australia website.


Rouleau Wholemeal


Are there any allergens in La’Bakehouse Exquisite bakery products?

Coeliac Disease

There are NO gluten products used in our bakery or our site. So rest assured if you are a Coeliac sufferer you will be safe to ingest any of our products.



Allergies to nuts, lactose, sesame and dairy

It is extremely important to that you check the ingredients section of our products.

Please keep in mind though that we do take extreme care when preparing the products in our facility we do also manufacture products that contain nuts, dairy, sesame, milk and egg, so slight contamination although rare, is possible.

As the products are handmade, variations and irregularities may occur in taste, size, shape and colour.

La’bakehouse ensures that all products are gluten free at the time they leave the La’bakehouse premises. However, it is the responsibility of the consumer and customer whether retail or food service to ensure that the product is not cross-contaminated by incorrectly storing or handling of the products.

All La’bakehouse Exquisite products are gluten free. It is the responsibility of the customer to read the ingredients and determine whether the product is appropriate for their dietary requirements.

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